The MIP Program is structured in three phases for a duration of 12 months as follows:

Part I: Distance Learning (DL) Phase ( Three months – May to July)
During the DL phase, students take a selected number of courses on IP topics via distance learning. The courses are developed and offered by the WIPO Academy. At the end of every DL course, students take online examinations.
Part II: Residential Learning Phase  (Four months – August to November)
During this phase, students take residential courses at Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe from August to December where they have face-to-face instruction with Lecturers. Class teaching is complemented by case studies, tutorials, research work and study visits. Students also take examinations on every module that is covered. During the last three weeks of the residential learning, students are given practical training at ARIPO in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Part III: Research Project Phase (Five months – December to April)
During this phase, which runs from December to April, students do    research projects on selected and approved topics. Every student works intensively under the guidance of a supervisor who is allocated during the residential phase.   
Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students are awarded the degree of Master of Intellectual Property by Africa University.